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Social Technology Hub is a pre-accelerator that aims to create impact through technology and design.


For Companies

Social Technology Hub invites companies and organizations to give us challenges that we solve using technology.

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Build Ventures

Social-tech entrepreneurs, who use technology to tackle social problems, have what it takes to make the world a better place. Social Technology Hub supports them with everything they need to scale up and build successful, profitable and impact-generating global companies.

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We are looking for companies to challenge us on problems that cannot be easily solved. We solve them for you using technology!


Tashfeen's DO School Experience

Social Technology Hub was modeled in Berlin at The DO School. Watch this video where the founder of Social Technology Hub shares his experience.

Meet our Partners

Social Technology Hub is always looking to build partnerships. Here are our trusted partners and supporters

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    “Technology is making our lives easier and it's very important to learn to code and to create tech products and services that help people.”
    Raphaelo James Villavicencio
    Founder of Zero Waste Youth Camp, The Philipines
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    “Social Technology Hub is a wonderful initiative and I think it can help both companies and individuals grow.”
    Phillip Tettenborn
    Venture Lab Director, The DO School

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