We have designed a 3-months long fellowship program for youngsters

Program for Techies

Whether you’re ready to change the world or already on your way, you need a place that helps you develop the necessary skills and knowledge and connects you to the right people to help you realise your dream. Whether you are starting your own venture, looking to make a change as an employee within an organization or as a University student, we provide you with that amplifier to help you turn your ambition and creativity into impact in an effective way. 


Join our fellowship to learn app development and build and 'App to Change the World'.

The fellowship allows you to learn using our companion app. You will go through an online program leading to a conference in Lahore.

If you're 18 - 24 years old, apply now!

The Fellowship

Here's the timeline for 'An App to Change the World' Fellowship
starting 1st September, 2018

Business Modeling Phase

We will help you model your app idea into and viable and impactful business idea. It's important for your app to be sustainable.

Begins 1st September, 2018

Learning Phase

We will teach you hybrid app development and latest server-side technologies to power your app business.

Begins 1st October, 2018

Development Phase

We will help you develop your own app using the technologies you have learnt.

Begins 1st November, 2018

Launch event in Lahore

A launch event will be arranged for your app idea in December 2018

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